Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dropping off the puppies at CCI!

Here we are packed and ready to go!

We didn't realize until we started to load the Yukon that we had the wrong size puppy crates! The crates we have used in the past were able to stack in the back and we could fit four of them. These crates didn't fit! So, we had to put one crate up with the kids and jam 11 puppies into three crates. Good thing they prefer to be close to each other! Here are the puppies in the giant white bin that they are transported in from our car to the puppy park! I can't believe that with all the excitement I forgot to take pictures at the puppy park!
While we were dropping off the puppies we got to meet Nesbitt and his family!
They came to see the puppies! Nesbitt is a huge, gentle guy! He was so sweet! The little girl in the picture with him is a granddaughter of the breeder caretakers!

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