Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sad News

I just got the news that Baja II passed away. Out of 80 puppies 40 had gone on to become service dogs and 5 became breeders. That is a very admirable record. I think Baja left behind an awesome legacy of independence and joy, both to those who knew him personally and those of us who didn't know him, yet were touched by his life. He will be missed.
(please scroll down to the picture of this magnificent dog!)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And the Sire is...

It's official, Baja II is the sire of Isabel's "M" litter!! What a handsome dog!
I know the puppies are going to become georgous dogs(just look at the parents!!)

The Final Photos!!

It's Maisy!!
It's Malone!!

It's Mercury!!

It's Merika!!

It's Mailyn!!

It's Morrison!!

It's Macray!!

So, we've all seen the cute pictures of puppies all lined up in a row smiling politely for the camera, right? Well, our puppies obviously didn't know how to do this! We tried so hard to get the puppies to come together for a picture. They jumped out as fast as we could put the in the wagon.
It was quite a sight!
We were grabbing puppies and putting them in the wagon; the puppies were jumping out and running off as fast as they could! All the while we were laughing so hard we could barely stand it!! The puppies were such a blast, we really loved having them!
We never did get the puppies to pose for a group picture, but we had a great time trying!
I think with the next litter we will do a group picture when the puppies are about 4-5 weeks old. They are so cute and much easier to handle!

Here the puppies are all packed up and ready to travel to Santa Rosa.
They didn't cry the whole way, but they weren't quiet either!
We are definitely looking forward to the next litter!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random "M" Litter Pictures!!

On their 29th day we started weaning them with puppy gruel.
They LOVED it right away! What lab doesn't love food?
Macray is on the left in the picture above!

Malone is so sweet! (above)

Malone again!

Ok, I am not sure why these are mostly Malone!
I love all the puppies equally!

Clockwise from the top: Maisey, Mailyn, Merika, & Morrison!

Malone again and Mailyn!
Here's the whole bunch!
My guess is Mailyn, but I'm not sure!
How adorable is this?
Mercury, Merika and Malone on top of ???
I am realizing that Mercury & Macray were very under represented here today, so I will be sure to add some pics of them soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"M" Litter at 26 days old!

The puppies are growing so fast! Their eyes are open, they are walking now, and beginning to play with each other. It was hard to get them to pose for pictures, but we did our best!



Elise and Merika!