Saturday, May 22, 2010

"M" Litter at 26 days old!

The puppies are growing so fast! Their eyes are open, they are walking now, and beginning to play with each other. It was hard to get them to pose for pictures, but we did our best!



Elise and Merika!





Monday, May 17, 2010

Here is Maisey! Her eyes are opening! (day 16)

Elise and Malone are doing the "Licking Test!" I should stop calling myself the breeder caretaker, because it really is Elise doing most of the work. I am just overseeing! She has been doing a fabulous job and I am so proud of her!

Mercury and Malone!

I don't want to give away too much personality information here on the blog, mostly just really cut pictures. I want the puppy raisers and Graduates to be able to get to know their dogs without any preconceived ideas from me. However, some pictures might give some clues, and that I can't help!
This is Mercury; he almost always sleeps like this!

Isabel is very patient with all the pups! They are getting so big it is hard to believe they all still fit to nurse at the same time!
Today, they are 21 days old(this pic was taken today, the others earlier this week).
The puppies are finally starting to get the idea not to "go" in the sleeping area! We are very glad to see this!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The names have been chosen!

Here is a great example of how much the puppies have grown. This is the same laundry basket! the first picture was taken on day 1 and the second on day 15! So very cute!

We have the official names from CCI!

We are very excited to start calling them by their names instead of their collar color.

Here they are:

red/ Maisey II

blue/ Malone

purple/ Mercury

neon green/ Mailyn

neon pink/ Merika

brown/ Morrison II

light pink/ Macray

Go easy on us, we chose all the names except Morrison. We made a list of everyones suggestions, then we picked our favorites for the short list. Needless to say, Brian chose Maisey & Mercury; I chose Malone, Mailyn, Merika and Macray, and none of Elise's' names were chosen. She wasn't very happy about that but likes the names they did get. It was a fun process!

Mercury, Mailyn & Morrison!

(I'm not sure who is on top!)

Isabel and Morrison!

Below is Isabel with all the pups! They are all doing great!

Mercury was the first to double his weight, and they are about to triple it in the next day or so!

They are beginning to open their eyes and are trying to walk around! They are so wobbly; it is just about the funniest thing to watch!
I will add more individual pictures as soon as their eyes open!