Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random "J" Pictures!!

Here Isabel is having some one-on-one time with "Little Blue", who is really named Jupiter! He has been smaller than the rest of the puppies, so we made sure that he got time alone to nurse a couple of times each day! He is growing steadily; he's just a little smaller than the rest!
Jazzy got the wrong paint color at first!
We realized our mistake, so Jazzy wore two colors for awhile! The puppies really fill up the laundry basket now!
We put them in here when we are weighing puppies and cleaning their bedding! We wash their bedding twice a day at first. (When we start to wean them I wash their bedding each time they are fed. 4 times a day!) It is really important that where they sleep stays clean so later they will be easier to litter box train!

Sitting up and looking like a real little puppy!

Janette is snuggling with a stuffed toy!

Isabel is such a good mama!

Jazlyn has a black spot! She is also the biggest puppy!

Hanging out with her puppies!

The puppies are so funny!

They just crawl up on top of each other and go to sleep!

One more of Janette!

Isabel's J Litter!

Isabel's puppies were born on November 7, 2011!It was a very smooth labor and all 11 puppies were born healthy and strong!
Here are a few puppies enjoying the warmth of a heating pad!
They are so adorable from the moment they they are born...
well, maybe a once they are cleaned up a little!

They each have their color string to designate birth order and help us keep track of who's who! We also weigh each one when they are born and keep close track of their growth while they are with us!

They are just sooooo cute!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saying Good-bye to the F Litter!

All packed up and ready to go! We dropped them off at CCI and came home to a quiet house! We all felt a little sad and missed the puppies. Isabel seems to be a little depressed for a day or two after they leave also. However, we are happy to have the chance to love on these little ones!
What great and exciting futures these puppies will have!

Puppies! 7 Weeks old!

Camille and Forbes!
A sweet little girl!

Franklin and Isabel!
Too Cute!!!

More Franklin!
We can't believe he is CCI's first Fido!

Ferris and Isabel!
Elise and Ferris!
Fabio and Isabel!
Fame and Isabel!
Fame was a little girl who lived up to her name; she loved attention!
And last bit not least, Fielding!
Joseph and Fielding!


We Love Puppies!

Camille and Forbes!

Isaac with Fielding and Franklin (I think!) Crazy haired Camille and the puppies!
This was Camille's favorite part of the day while the puppies were with us!
Fido curled up asleep!

More Random Pics of the Puppies!

This litter was so much fun!

They were really good about using the litter box!!!
And, you don't have to teach lab puppies to eat!
They all dove right in...literally!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures By Color^^Day 19

Here are pictures of each puppy with their birth order color!Red is the biggest puppy so far!
A cute male!

We predict he will be the first one over the edge of the puppy pool!
Oh, My!!
Blue is the biggest girl, but not as big as red!
Oh so sweet!

Purple is a sweet male(OK, they are all sweet!)
Isabel is a purple in birth order, too!
Neon Green, a male, is just adorable!
He has blue paint all over his face! He must have been cuddling with his sister!
Neon Pink is a male. The kids feel sorry for him that he is neon pink for the rest of his life! Even though I have tried not to instill those color bias in the kids, they are there.
I just want to pick him up and snuggle his sweet face!

He couldn't stay awake!Brown is also a male.
He reminds of Morrison from Isabel's first litter!
He also fell asleep during his photo shoot!
Light Pink is a cute little girl!

Very gentle little pupper!
Orange is the last puppy born! We don't have an orange bandanna because we only seven puppies last time. We will need to get him a bandanna! Instead, he is modeling a beautiful Masai wrap from Brian's trip to Kenya!
So sleepy!

The puppies in the puppy pool. They are starting to get the idea to go on the paper not on their bedding! I change this all twice a day, now!

There they are; the cutest puppies on the planet!!