Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Introducing Isabel's "M" litter!

Introducing Isabel's "M" litter! Yes, Purple sleeping upside down; that's just like Isabel!
Red female
Blue male
Purple male
Neon Green female
Neon Pink female
Brown male

Light Pink male
And yes, they have each other's paint colors all over themselves! Messy, but cute!

Isabel has her puppies!

Here is Isabel the afternoon before she has the puppies!
I think she looks great!
I thought she would be bigger(I think she rolled her eyes at me when I said that!) Here is Isabel and Red puppy #1!
Her first puppy was born at 11:18pm on April 26th, 2010!
This was also the 40th birthday of our whelping midwife Karen! Happy Birthday Karen!
How sweet is this?
The funny thing about this picture is that Red didn't nurse until we really worked at it.

Seven healthy puppies!
We were very excited to see all seven because one of the puppies didn't show up completely in the x-ray. So, we were preparing ourselves for a stillborn pup. I think we all said a little prayer before light pink was born at 3:25am, another healthy puppy!

All in all, Isabel's whelping experience was very amazing! Karen, my daughter Elise, my husband and myself were all present to witness the miracle(s) of life! Thanks to Isabel for being the greatest dog ever, and now the greatest Mama dog ever!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Ultrasound!

It was finally the day for Isabel's ultrasound! Since Auburn also needed and ultrasound, we took her with us to Santa Rosa. We stopped to play and walk around at Howarth Park. It was overcast but, luckily, it didn't rain on us! We have never had two dogs before, but we realized that when they are as well behaved as Isabel and Auburn it would be easy to do!Here Isabel is being such a good patient! The kids were fascinated by the whole thing!

The ultrasound showed at least three puppies. I am sure there will be plenty more!

Here are the dogs in the back of the Yukon! Sooooo Cute!! On the way home they had to share their space with the stuff we will need for the puppies. I don't think they minded the close quarters. However, the crate kept falling on them, which they didn't really like. Eventually we got the stuff arranged so everyone was happy!
Here is Isabel in her Breeder Cape!
A close up of her cape!
Now we wait for the fun to begin!