Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random "J" Pictures!!

Here Isabel is having some one-on-one time with "Little Blue", who is really named Jupiter! He has been smaller than the rest of the puppies, so we made sure that he got time alone to nurse a couple of times each day! He is growing steadily; he's just a little smaller than the rest!
Jazzy got the wrong paint color at first!
We realized our mistake, so Jazzy wore two colors for awhile! The puppies really fill up the laundry basket now!
We put them in here when we are weighing puppies and cleaning their bedding! We wash their bedding twice a day at first. (When we start to wean them I wash their bedding each time they are fed. 4 times a day!) It is really important that where they sleep stays clean so later they will be easier to litter box train!

Sitting up and looking like a real little puppy!

Janette is snuggling with a stuffed toy!

Isabel is such a good mama!

Jazlyn has a black spot! She is also the biggest puppy!

Hanging out with her puppies!

The puppies are so funny!

They just crawl up on top of each other and go to sleep!

One more of Janette!

Isabel's J Litter!

Isabel's puppies were born on November 7, 2011!It was a very smooth labor and all 11 puppies were born healthy and strong!
Here are a few puppies enjoying the warmth of a heating pad!
They are so adorable from the moment they they are born...
well, maybe a once they are cleaned up a little!

They each have their color string to designate birth order and help us keep track of who's who! We also weigh each one when they are born and keep close track of their growth while they are with us!

They are just sooooo cute!