Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saying Good-bye to the F Litter!

All packed up and ready to go! We dropped them off at CCI and came home to a quiet house! We all felt a little sad and missed the puppies. Isabel seems to be a little depressed for a day or two after they leave also. However, we are happy to have the chance to love on these little ones!
What great and exciting futures these puppies will have!

Puppies! 7 Weeks old!

Camille and Forbes!
A sweet little girl!

Franklin and Isabel!
Too Cute!!!

More Franklin!
We can't believe he is CCI's first Fido!

Ferris and Isabel!
Elise and Ferris!
Fabio and Isabel!
Fame and Isabel!
Fame was a little girl who lived up to her name; she loved attention!
And last bit not least, Fielding!
Joseph and Fielding!


We Love Puppies!

Camille and Forbes!

Isaac with Fielding and Franklin (I think!) Crazy haired Camille and the puppies!
This was Camille's favorite part of the day while the puppies were with us!
Fido curled up asleep!

More Random Pics of the Puppies!

This litter was so much fun!

They were really good about using the litter box!!!
And, you don't have to teach lab puppies to eat!
They all dove right in...literally!