Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures By Color^^Day 19

Here are pictures of each puppy with their birth order color!Red is the biggest puppy so far!
A cute male!

We predict he will be the first one over the edge of the puppy pool!
Oh, My!!
Blue is the biggest girl, but not as big as red!
Oh so sweet!

Purple is a sweet male(OK, they are all sweet!)
Isabel is a purple in birth order, too!
Neon Green, a male, is just adorable!
He has blue paint all over his face! He must have been cuddling with his sister!
Neon Pink is a male. The kids feel sorry for him that he is neon pink for the rest of his life! Even though I have tried not to instill those color bias in the kids, they are there.
I just want to pick him up and snuggle his sweet face!

He couldn't stay awake!Brown is also a male.
He reminds of Morrison from Isabel's first litter!
He also fell asleep during his photo shoot!
Light Pink is a cute little girl!

Very gentle little pupper!
Orange is the last puppy born! We don't have an orange bandanna because we only seven puppies last time. We will need to get him a bandanna! Instead, he is modeling a beautiful Masai wrap from Brian's trip to Kenya!
So sleepy!

The puppies in the puppy pool. They are starting to get the idea to go on the paper not on their bedding! I change this all twice a day, now!

There they are; the cutest puppies on the planet!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 18!!

Here are a couple of pictures of the puppies! The one below is hot pink. They are all growing so fast. Their eyes are open now and they are beginning to walk around(a little wobbly!)
They still love to snuggle! Yes, Isabel looked as sad in person!
The puppies latched on before she laid down. I helped her get more comfortable, don't worry!
We are waiting for Puppy names! We can't barely contain ourselves we want to know so badly!!! We are planning a round of individual pictures of each puppy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

F Litter- Day 3

Here are some random puppy pictures from day 3!
These are very cute!!Isabel does a great job keeping everyone clean and well fed!

Light pink and orange are snuggling!
This is the same puppy from the first picture, red. It is asleep on Isabel's leg.

Below, blue is fast asleep!

Isabel is just the best mama dog ever!
Blue. Oh, so cute!
A pile of puppies!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Isabel's "F" Litter! 1-11-11

Elise is always such a great help during the whelp. Even our cat, Opal, was waiting for the new puppies to arrive.
She is always curious, but keeps her distance!
The first two puppies!
Isabel's first pup was born at 9:00 am. The whole process went really smooth. We did have one still born pup, and that was very sad. It was clear from the moment I saw the pup it wasn't going to live, but we did everything to save it.
We are happy to have eight healthy puppies! What a blessing!
Here are all the puppies! And, one tired mama!
Isabel and little brown snuggling!
These are the moments that warm your heart!
I will be sure to post more pictures as soon as I can!
Everyone is doing well and gaining weight. They are all adorable!!