Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heat Update

Isabel has been at CCI for a week now. The vet thinks she is close to going into heat(how do they know?), so she is staying at least another week. If she does go into heat she will stay three more weeks, which is a total of five weeks. That is a very long time to be without her! If she doesn't go into heat, then she will come home and we will continue to wait. We really are hoping she will go into heat soon. We miss her and we are looking forward to puppies!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bath Time!

Today, Elise gave Isabel her first bath since she has been with us! This was Elise's first time washing a dog, and she did great!
Of course, Isabel was very patient, even though it was obvious that she didn't enjoy this much!
Back to the good life for Isabel!
She got a bath because tomorrow we are taking her to CCI for a couple of weeks. She hasn't gone into heat yet. So, they are hoping if she spends time with the other females in heat she will go into heat. We hope so! We are looking forward to puppies in April!