Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Weeks Old!

 The puppies are out of the puppy pool and in a small area created by xpens now!
 Portland and ???
 Pharaoh and Palace!

 Partner is in the bed and Palace is snuggling with the giraffe!
 YAY!! Partner was caught in the act! The puppies are doing well with their potty training!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

5 Days Old!!!!

 The puppies are 5 days old in these pictures! The first one is hot pink and then they are in their color(birth) order! Orange doesn't have a bandana yet, so it is just on our couch. It is so much harder than it seems to get good pictures at this stage. Even though their eyes aren't open yet, they are very squirmy and get around really well!

All snuggled up next to mama!

Isabel's August 23rd 2012 puppies!!

Isabel had her puppies! YAY! We were so excited when she finally went into labor and it was on her actual due date! Her labor was smooth and she had 8 healthy puppies. There was one stillborn pup, but we are just glad to have the 8 little ones who made it.

What a great Mama!!!